What is NIL?

NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness, and refers to the rights of college athletes to profit from their own personal brand and likeness through commercial opportunities like endorsements, sponsorships, and social media content creation.

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Pfizer Case Study


Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company, had a unique opportunity to benefit from a college basketball-focused advertising campaign. By aligning its brand with student-athletes, Pfizer was able to tap into the passion and loyalty of college basketball fans. As the provider of one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer positioned itself as a trusted partner in the fight against the pandemic. The brand believed it could increase its visibility through a positive association with the student- athletes, and potentially drive vaccine adoption among the target audience.


The primary objective of this campaign was to increase awareness about COVID-19 vaccination among the target audience. Taking SEC game footage and the group rights of the student- athletes' NIL featured, the campaign aimed to capture the attention of college basketball fans and leverage the influence of student-athletes to promote the importance of getting vaccinated.


A college basketball-focused advertising initiative was launched with the aim of promoting COVID-19 vaccination awareness. The campaign utilized footage from SEC games and leveraged the group rights of the student athletes' NIL featured. Notably, student-athletes Dylan Cardwell (Center #44) Chris Moore (Forward #5) and Jaylin Williams (Forward #2) collaborated with Pfizer to create a powerful co-branded message encouraging vaccination.

NIL done right.