What is NIL?

NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness, and refers to the rights of college athletes to profit from their own personal brand and likeness through commercial opportunities like endorsements, sponsorships, and social media content creation.

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Helping Universities navigate the NIL marketplace in compliance with the NCAA directives and in full support of their student- athletes.

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Creating win-win opportunities

We understand that NIL is crucial to a university's attraction for student- athletes. Our mission is to unleash new business opportunities that benefit student- athletes, brands, and universities. We work with the NCAA and responsible industry allies to stay on track with what truly matters - ensuring compliant compensation and flawless execution of NIL programs.


What are NIL Group Rights?
Group Rights refer to the rights that are held by a group of individuals collectively versus an individual. For student-athletes, group rights are generally activated when three (3) student-athletes from a given team or six (6) from across a university are engaged. Professional player associations, such as the NFLPA or NWSLPA, created the Group Rights model to help athletes maximize the value of their NIL by marketing them commercially as a group for licensing and endorsement deals. These professional player associations negotiate and assist with fulfillment for commercial activations involving groups of athletes. TBG serves student-athletes in a similar capacity and also enables brands and licensees to utilize university IP in campaigns with student-athletes. This is similar to professional athletics where leagues and players have worked to avoid “ambush marketing” while leveraging the combined power of player and league brands. A critical value as research has shown consumers place considerably more value on athletes with the logo and marks of their team.
What services does The Brandr Group provide?
TBG is a full-service NIL agency, which is to say we do what it takes to ensure the success and support of brand partners and our student-athletes. From identifying the best student- athlete’s fit based on the brand to consulting on campaign development, ensuring a professional execution with the student-athlete to making the final payments – it’s all supported by TBG. We’ve worked with professional athletes for years and understand what “NIL done right” looks like for all stakeholders.
How do the rights of The Brandr Group compare to traditional Multi-Media Rights?
The NCAA directives are clear that entities who have conflicting interests in sponsorship sales with student-athletes, such as Multi-Media Rights partners or universities, should NOT negotiate or compensate student-athletes. That’s why over 80 of America’s top universities work with TBG to represent student- athletes in group rights for NIL. Ideally, TBG works hand-in-hand with Multi-Media Rights companies to bring sponsorship opportunities to student- athletes at a fair market value and expand this amazing opportunity for all stakeholders.
How is The Brandr Group different from NIL marketplaces I see online?
Online NIL marketplaces allow student-athletes to pick and choose opportunities outside of wearing the jerseys and representing the intellectual property of the University. The Brandr Group’s collaboration with universities unlocks a different level of affinity to fans and brands through the use of university IP in campaigns. Also, because The Brandr Group is a full-service NIL agency, we work in lockstep with brands and businesses throughout the process (university compliance approval, athlete selection, campaign activation, student-athlete payment, etc.), far beyond simply creating a “match” via an online platform.
How much does it cost to use Student Athlete NIL?
With The Brandr Group, leveraging student-athlete’s NIL is an exercise in determining Fair Market Value. Based on individual brand reach and engagement (for example, social media following) as well as the requirements for an activation, a compensation mark is estimated, negotiated and agreed upon.
How does The Brandr Group manage student-athlete relationships and communication for us?
The Brandr Group team includes certified NFL and NBA agents, former collegiate athletes and people that are genuinely passionate about ensuring the best interest of our student- athletes always comes first. So, we take a consultative and accessible approach for our student-athletes as we prepare them for licensing and active promotional opportunities. Via phone calls, emails, and onsite presence, The Brandr Group is always accessible to support our brand partners and student-athletes.
What is a Collective and how is The Brandr Group different?
A collective is typically a group of dedicated alumni that have pooled their capital and resources to advance the student-athletes of their alma mater. Collectives can be focused on specific sports or all sports at a given university and can be for profit or non-profit entities. TBG is a full-service NIL Agency that represents over 80 of America’s top Universities. We work directly with schools, licensees, and brands to compensate athletes for the use of their NIL in a transparent way that provides fair market value and is in compliance with NCAA guidelines. TBG will, though, partner with Collectives to create powerful programming and licensing support.
How does The Brandr Group support international students?
The Brandr Group works to provide support to every student-athlete based on the laws of each individual state as well as the NCAA guidance. Merchandise and apparel income are generally recognized as acceptable for most international student-athletes. Appearances and active use opportunities create more complexity at the state level. We consult directly with athletic departments for specific guidance and direction.