What is NIL?

NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness, and refers to the rights of college athletes to profit from their own personal brand and likeness through commercial opportunities like endorsements, sponsorships, and social media content creation.

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At The Brandr Group, we're completely transparent: we have zero conflicts of interest when it comes our representation of student-athletes’ fair market value. We strictly follow NCAA guidelines, ensuring we receive no compensation from universities or multi-media rights partners. With our university collaborations, we aim to open doors and create opportunities for student-athletes in every sport.


What is Group Rights?
Group Licensing is generally activated when three athletes from a given team or six from across a University Partner are engaged. This is similar to professional athletics where leagues and players have worked to avoid "ambush marketing" while leveraging the combined power of player and league brands. Through TBG this enables the use of school marks and logos with the students that are featured!
Does partnering with The Brandr Group limit me from other NIL opportunities?
Not at all! TBG exists to support the student-athlete by creating passive income opportunities in content and apparel, while bringing new activation opportunities we source through some of America’s strongest brands. Student-athletes can simultaneously pursue other individual opportunities.
How much will I earn in NIL income through The Brandr Group?
Your earning potential through TBG opportunities will be entirely unique to your brand (for example, Instagram followers), your efforts to market your own merchandise (for example, posting about new styles and product availability) and market demand (for example, book store sales and corporate inquiries). The Brandr Group works to create the platform and consultation for you to be your best.
How is The Brandr Group different than other NIL Marketplaces I see online?
The Brandr Group works directly with our University Partners to create opportunities for you – be that in co-branded merchandise sales or personal activations with you. Typically a student athlete wouldn’t appear in their jersey or with school marks through an online marketplace. It’s all about pairing the brand needs and budget with the right student athlete – YOU!
What does The Brandr Group do for the student-athlete?
The Brandr Group is a full service NIL Agency, which means we work to do everything possible that ensures success to all stakeholders. We work to pair student-athletes with the right brand fits, negotiate fair market value for services, schedule meetings, provide onsite support and ultimately payment. Whew! It’s a lot of work and one or the reasons that over 80 of America’s top Universities have entrusted us to work on behalf of their student-athletes.
What exactly is the relationship between The Brandr Group and the University?
First of all, it’s important to know that the NCAA guidance is very clear that no university or other multi media rights holders should be directly facilitating or compensating student- athletes for NIL opportunities. So, TBG has engaged in Collaboration Agreements with the Universities to represent the best interests of the student athletes with respect to the University Intellectual Property in apparel licensing and active use (appearances). The schools receive no portion of what TBG negotiates for student- athletes and TBG has no other obligation than to that of the student- athletes and brand partners we work with.
What is a Collective and how is The Brandr Group different?
A collective is typically a group of dedicated alumni that have pooled their resources and passion to advance student-athletes of their alma mater. Collectives can be focused on specific sports or all sports, for profit or non-profit. TBG is a full service NIL Agency that represents over 80 of America’s top Universities. We work directly with schools, licensees, and brands to compensate athletes in a transparent way that provides fair market value and compliance to NCAA guidelines.
How does The Brandr Group Support International Students?
The Brandr Group works to provide support to every student-athlete within full compliance to NCAA and state guidelines. Merchandise and apparel income have been recognized as acceptable for most international student-athletes. Appearances and active use opportunities create more complexity at the state level. Please consult your athletic department for specific direction.